409 J Street Aurora, NE 68818
(402) 694-6707

Mission Statement

In partnership with families, the Aurora Preschool helps children learn, play, communicate, and develop social skills.

About Aurora Pre-School

The Aurora Preschool is for children who have special needs. Services are tailored to each child. Often services include early childhood special education and speech-language therapy; however, physical therapy, occupational therapy, hearing services, and vision services are also available.

Children can be referred anytime during the year. Children are usually referred by their parents, family doctors, and preschool teachers. Children must qualify for the program by meeting state guidelines. The program is supported through local, state and federal taxes.

The Preschool staff conduct home visits for the youngest students. Older children attend classes throughout the week. Classes meet one, two, or three times per week. Usually, young children, or children with few needs, attend less frequently. Older children, or children having more difficulty, attend more frequently. Typically the school has students ranging from one to five years in age.

The school also invites peer models to participate in classes. Effective communication, play, social, and school skills are modeled by the peers.

The Aurora Preschool is staffed by a full-time early childhood special educator, a speech-language pathologist, and a para-educator. A physical therapist, occupational therapist, deaf educator, visual consultant, and school nurse also visit as needed.

The preschool is located at 409 J Street. Parents who believe that their children may have special needs are encouraged to contact the Director of Special Education at 694-6966.