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Receiving educational services and speech therapy children become more effective listeners, speakers, readers, and writers. To do this, staff work with children in partnership with their families, teachers, aides, and therapists. Parents of children under three years of age receive training at home to help their child communicate.  Three to five-year-old children generally attend the Aurora Preschool. Daily classes promote learning, socialization, speech development, language acquisition, and school readiness skills.   Our district Early Childhood Teacher and Early Childhood Speech-Language Pathologist assist children with:

  • socially relating with others
  • knowing how and when to speak
  • pronouncing sounds so speech is understood by others
  • understanding what others are saying with words and in writing
  • expressing themselves through words
  • using an appropriate voice quality, pitch, and loudness

Parents concerned with their child’s communication may contact the Special Education Director for the Aurora Public Schools at 694-6966.

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